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The Best Broadway Shows of All Time

Broadway shows

Broadway shows have reached a whole new level of understanding with people producing content that keeps you moving. The immense talent that drives these shows forward has been another picture that is worth saving. Thanks to all that, you need to know more about these shows and how they turn out to be the best in the business. For that purpose, we have a list of the best Broadway shows of all time.


Hamilton” is by far the best Broadway show that you are going to see in recent times. The show received a whopping 11 Tony awards and also some wide appreciation from Barack Obama. The unique combination of rap and song sparked off a range of aspects and helped the show propel to a new level. Thanks to all that, Hamilton brought about a change, and it is worth exploring for all the right reasons. While people still argue about its top status, it is quite hard to bring in another Broadway show or performance that can beat “Hamilton.”


The Book of Mormon

The creators of South Park managed to pull off a surprise when they entered the Broadway scene with “The Book of Mormon.” The play was short and fantastic and managed to capture the attention of anyone who had the opportunity to witness it. As a musical, it stood up to its standards and brought about a difference that goes a long way to help you understand why it is being regarded as one of the best. Due to that, if you do get a chance to witness this Broadway show, then consider yourself lucky and go ahead to explore that opportunity.

The Producers


“The Producers” revolve across a story where a producer and an accountant have to come up with the world’s worst play in order to complete a money-making scheme. Based on the Mel Brooks film of the same name, this particular show is another example of remarkable Broadway shows. It kept the audience engaged to a considerable extent and helped them get things going for good. Thanks to all that, “The Producers” holds a record for the most Tony awards as it won 12 of them.

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

We have seen different versions of Les Miserables, and every single time, we have been delighted with what we got to see. Be it the film adaptation or even the play; things have always gone ahead in the right direction. As a result, the Broadway show created all the right buzz and went on to be regarded as one of the best. The unique storyline involving the French Revolution worked wonders and helped people get engaged with all that it had to display on screen or on the show.

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