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Gigi On Broadway is on tour in Bangkok, Thailand

Get your tickets now and enjoy this wonderful show in New York, Arizona, and Thailand

Our production has finally decided to bring back the hit musical film in ’50s in today’s generation. We want everyone to witness how great musical film dominates the industry.

Gigi is a musical romantic film released in 1958 directed by a great film industry director. It is based on the novel book by Colette. Gigi is finally hitting broadway! This coming Spring season, Gigi On Broadway will have a show at Simon Theater in New York City every week.

Gigi On BroadwayEngaging and Interesting is a romantic comedy musical show that is set in the magical world of Paris in the coming of age, where fashion and glamour succeed. It is about the journey of a young woman in finding her true self and true love.

A great singer and actress will lead the sensational cast featuring a new artist, a Tony Award winner, and Tony nominees theater actors from different famous theater show like the Phantom in the Opera. Gigi On Broadway is a Tony and Academy Award-winning musical with such glorious songs. The glistening production, with a new book, brings the City of Light, New York, and now Arizona to Broadway.

You can buy tickets from all ticket outlets nationwide and aside from this site, you can also get your Gigi On Broadway tickets here. We encourage you to check out all the pages of the site available to you to learn more about the production, Gigi On Broadway show, and how to get tickets here.

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