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My daughter and I enjoyed the show so much. It has enough audience appeal to have a good run and continue the show regularly. I really don’t have any issue with the show, I can see that Gigi On Broadway will make a hit in theater stage. 



Wow! The leading actress is irresistible as Gigi on the musical play. The leading actor has excellent acting skills and singing voice. I rated high the entire cast members of Gigi On Broadway and I really have a high respect for all the production staff. I’ve watched the show twice and I have the same of excitement while watching. Everyone, please watch it. I guaranteed that you will enjoy it. 



The actress was so beautiful in her Gigi role. When I walked through the theater, the big screen glow brightly on her. I was moved on how she acts and sings. All the dress used in the play was absolutely perfect for her. 



To all the cast members and production staff, all hail to all of you. It was flawless and wonderful. I’ve watched the show last week, it was amazing, fantastic and gorgeous! I love every second of the play. I highly recommend Gigi On Broadway to each and every one of you. 



I’ve watched the show last week with my children and I can’t figure out what was supposedly terrible about it. I really can’t see anything wrong. The cast members were perfectly fit for their role.