A malfunctioned garage door does not need you to pay someone to fix.  Trust me; you can do it on your own even if you are just an immature handyman.

Basically, the garage door consists of two parts, the first is the garage door itself and the second is the operating mechanism. It is the part that is responsible for opening and closing actions. If you examined the walls of the garage thoroughly, you will notice some metal tracks that are controlled with the help of large-sized springs. These garage door springs and tracks help the door to move smoothly. There are several reputed garage door companies like, Core Garage Door Repair that offer a wide range of garage door repair services. You can choose the one as per your requirements and budget. 

There are three important procedures that you can perform to get back your garage door in a tip-top position. The first one is the inspection and maintenance of metal tracks. As you know, metal tracks are the parts used to move the garage door. They can be broken down due to frequent usage. To inspect them, check the brackets which are connected to the tracks of the walls of the garage. If you found anything wrong like loose screws, nuts, or blots than tighten up them. If you found any rusted or damaged part replace it immediately even its shape is distorted.

Another important factor for garage door repair is to check the balance or alignment of garage door tracks. Maintaining garage door balance is very important because it is a mechanism that supports the garage door to run efficiently. You should align the tracks parallel to each other. All the horizontal tracks should be adjusted a little lower than the backtracks. Once you adjust the track thoroughly. Test the balance of garage door with measuring level. If they do not align properly, simply loosen the bolts and screws then readjust them to their accurate positions.

Garage door springs repair is also critical but important task. Garage door torsion springs are imposed under high amount of pressure that is why, they can break easily. Since garage door springs are used frequently, they need maintenance to move their hook to extend their life.

In case, springs become damaged, you just need to replace them with the new one. You should follow all the safety precautions while doing this job, especially if you have a roller garage door. These types of garage doors are operated with pulleys and cables along with the garage door springs. To fix theses springs, simply remove the cables and pull at the plate placed above the garage door. Once the required tension is provided, fix the knot completely to stabilize the tension.

NOTE: garage door spring repair and replacement are very challenging and dangerous work. Don’t try to attempt any DIY garage door repair project. It will kill you if you are not familiar with the garage door and not comfortable with the handy tools. It is strongly suggested that hire a professional garage door repair company to handle all the problems of the garage door.

Musical film is getting trendy nowadays and Vanessa who is famous in a teen musical show is returning to her musical roots in a self-titled ‘Gigi’. The actress will be making her Broadway debut this year, so check out our promotional clip in which she channels the original cast of Gigi! 

Get your tickets now and watch Gigi On Broadway in New York and Arizona. If you can’t go to the play venue riding on your car due to broken spring of your garage doors, we suggest to contact your local Garage Door Service Tempe, AZ and ask for help. They are very respected and trusted in this industry. They are prompt, efficient and perfect professional in getting the job done for your garage doors. 

Isn’t it exciting to see the star of a famous musical film to be playing another lead role in the theater musical play ‘Gigi’? The promotional pictures and videos show the 26-year-old woman in a classic black and white ball gown that is so elegant and which perfectly fit on her. The show is originally based on the iconic 1958 musical film of the same title. Gigi is portrayed as embodying a woman in a magical world in Paris at the coming age. It is a musical romantic comedy about the journey of a free-spirited young woman living in Paris finding her true self and her true love. She is well groomed to serve as a companion of a bored and wealthy playboy until they realize that they have been fallen in love with each other. The actress Vanessa is channeling the original lead actress Audrey Hepburn and she really looks amazing. 

The video clip they used to give a preview to the play was seen with the actress inviting everyone to experience the romance and glamour of Paris while spinning herself in front of the Eiffel Tower. It gives a view of the raw beauty of the City of Love which makes the whole play by play more appealing. It showed some aspects that would make you feel as if you are actually there with them and not just bystanders in the background. The show will start in a theater in Arizona from March 16 to April 12 before appearing in theater in New York in the following month. 

This will be Vanessa’s first show up at Broadway. This will give her an opportunity to jumpstart her career in theatres. From here on, there is no doubt that she will be experiencing a Hollywood life now. Do you think she will do a good shot in theater stage? Will you go watch the Gigi On Broadway show? Please let us know in the comments below and submit to us! We love to hear all of your comment about the play and the cast members of Gigi On Broadway.  

If you have any questions about the ticketing, you may want to see our FAQ page for that matter. For additional questions, please feel free to send us an email. We are happy to answer all of your questions regarding the show and the tickets. Please sign up for more Gigi On Broadway updates and the schedule of shows. 

We invite you to watch Vanessa as she hit the road of theatrical play this Spring season in Arizona and New York.